Are our ideas of expansion becoming a run away train?


Come plunge with me for a moment.……

Somewhere along the way we have defined success by growth and expansion. Expansion of business, expand the brand, expand the house, growth of profits, economy etc

Even in the spiritual sense of the word, when we think of our energies, awareness, expanding, reaching out ….. could we be losing sight of something?


Is our fascination with ‘expansion’ starting to get out of control?


To navigate our expansion, now as an evolving species, before we get ahead of ourselves, and our expansiveness, before we tell ourselves we can’t get off the mouse wheel, we all secretly know its time. Its time to take one big long breath, let it goooooooo and connect back in.


Breathe and Connect. Really see, feel and taste our environment, the elements, the bird song, and the all ever scary….. self. That is, the ‘self’ beyond story, or words from the analysis of our mental junkyard, I’m talking about our actual pulsing self.


For us to continue at this accelerated rate that we are all expanding through, our connection to self, our wounds, our monsters, shadows , our connection to every internal cobweb are now more important than progress or growth.


From this plunge inward, the very launch pad of our expansion, we can now shine with brilliance, authenticity and peace. Our hero has faced the journey and felt themselves to the core .


By turning inward to our questioning hearts……and listening to the echoes of our caverns,  our potent vibration, we are capable of lifting and setting free a new frequency. This is without any force or drive to ‘heal or process soemthing’. It’s simply to stop and connect to what is here and within, without labels.


Through my experience of being a woman, it is through our celestial palace, gateway, yoni …………. ( please fill in with word appropriate for your vagina and vulva ) the potential for both expansion and connection is not only tangible….. it is healing and dare I say it, medicinal to both our bodies and souls.

Walk with me for a moment to understand the importance of this connection.


Our sacred and multiple facetted flower pulses to the same rhythm of our Madre Tierra. Our monthly nectar spills from us, as a reminder of this rhythm for around 40 years of our lives.

How can we, as women be living without dancing, without shaking our hips in honour of this …… connection.

We all have a little mitochondric memory of her dancing , the pulse, the swirl, the beat in us, yet somewhere along the way we lost the hip shake in our dance and in our walk……. Perhaps when we became obsessed with expansion?


There are many chapters in our human history where women (and men) were murdered for recognising her pulsing, wicked and dangerously seductive connection to the beat that connects us to our wombs, our pleasure our planet.

That old story of times passed no longer rots inside us.

We are remembering our connection to our wombs and our individual wise woman self. And we are finding freedom.

We are gathering around the beat of the drum and unapologetically shaking our hips and singing our sensuality across the night’s sky. With the moon as our witness, smiling upon us with the understanding only a Grandmother has.


Whether our journey has taken us there through pleasure or pain this pulse is undeniably present and starting to take over logic.


We are healing each other, and we are healing ourselves. We are becoming masters of our bodies and spirits, and the doorway through wombs is a potent connecting place of our individual wise woman self.

And from this connection we can now expand and create the world we know is true.